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It is very difficult to put into words the overwhelming gratitude and peace of mind we have had with David Chrisp and Cindy Chan. We have lived in our home for almost 20 years and we are so happy that we had such a great team guiding us through the sale of our house. You truly will not meet a person more dedicated and passionate about your home than David. From the first moment, we met him; he had us at ease with his friendly and genuine nature.

In our initial meeting, they presented a well-informed presentation and were very knowledgeable about our area. Long story short, we were so impressed by their expertise and professionalism that we signed with them that very night. Throughout the process, David and Cindy went above and beyond in every aspect. From the moment they sat down with the presentation to the final day of handing over the keys, their hard work and ethic has been evident.

They were true to their word and were always available when we needed speak with them. If you are truly looking for a real estate team, there is no need to look further than David and Cindy. They epitomize what a real estate team should be, hard-working and trustworthy. If you have David and Cindy representing you, you can rest assured you have made the right decision.

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Cindy is professional, friendly, and easy to deal with agent. This is the 2nd property I bought from her and definitely recommend to everyone who wants to buy/ sell your house….

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My experience with David and Cindy was excellent in every regard. They under committed and over delivered to produce a thoroughly pleasant and satisfying experience. Thank You Dave and Cindy!!

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David & Cindy made the process of buying our condo almost effortless. Everything that needed to happen did so without delay, and although we had pushed for a very aggressive closing date, we closed without delay and without a single hitch.

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Hi Everyone: This review is about Cindy Chan Ngan and David Chrisp of Legacy Realty. They are so dedicated and work very well together. They make a wonderful team and are the BEST professionals anyone can ask for. Cindy has helped us look for a house in Hayward a number of years ago and also helped us sell the same house when we left the BA for a great $. Then she and David helped us sell my mother-in-law’s house in Palo Alto. After that, we started a 1031 exchange with 3 properties. It was Cindy who kept suggesting we check with the accountant and a 1031 exchange expert to explore the feasibility of this process vs. paying out the capital gains on the property sold in Palo Alto. Both of them are helping us though the 1031 exchange process. They are not only professional but also very thorough and efficient. They are definitely a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend them!

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David Chrisp & Cindy Chan sold our home for us in 2012 when the market was at its lowest point. Their expertise paid off when we had multiple offers, some above asking price, within one week. With their assistance, we were able to choose the best offer both for price and for ease of closing the deal without problems or delays. Our questions were always answered and our phone calls immediately returned. This team is not only professional, but personable. They can guide you through difficult and confusing processes with ease and confidence. I highly recommend David & Cindy!

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Cindy and David are great agents. They are very hard working. I learnt a lot from them. During the purchasing process, they are very patient, efficient and helpful. They follow up with us, and even helped us for the minor plumbing issue after we bought the condo. We are very satisfied. Strong recommendation!

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Cindy and David helped us with several transactions in the East/South Bay these past few years, and we have been very pleased with the experiences. They are very knowledgeable, proactive, and professional. They work very hard for us to ensure smooth transactions. We will definitely enlist their help again in the future.

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I’ve known Cindy for 21 years. She’d helped me either buying or selling properties for at least 9 transactions over all those years. I think this fact itself well explained how much I trust Cindy and how happy I am with her professional service!

I know David through Cindy. David helped me list and sell my house 2 years ago. Selling that house was the most difficult decision to me personally. David gave me lots of support (above and beyond) to get through the process. He did researches, presented different scenario in details, analyzed situations patiently, and most importantly, he listened & cared about how I feel and respected my final decision! That was not just a transaction, he really cared and respected me and my family needs! He earned my respect both professionally and personally. David is an exceptionally kind and caring man. I am grateful to know him.

With Cindy & David, I really got the best team (and friends)! I recommend both of them wholeheartedly.

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Excellent is the word to describe David Crisp and Cindy Chan. They helped me to sell 2 of the most difficult rental propierties, even being occupied at the time. They advised me in what was legal to do to evict tenants, helped me to fill up the correct forms for every transaction needed, in other words, they were so easy to work with so I compleately trust them in anything related to Realstate, they are truthful and very professional in every thing they do. They compleately handled my negotiations and all I had to do is help them with what they told me to do, all worth it, because they left me very satisfied in all aspects of these 2 sales. I will have them as my Realtors and my family and close friends Realtors too from now on. They had already helped one of my best friends with a difficult sale too. Thank you David and Cindy 🙂

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Cindy and David are incredibly good at the bidding and negotiating process. If it were not for their knowledge and skills I am certain another buyer would have gotten the house we are in now. Thanks to Cindy and David we are now in a wonderful home that we plan to stay in for the rest of our lives.

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Cindy and David are very knowledgable about the real estate market. They listen to our wants and needs and help us achieve our goals. They are always available to answer any questions we have.

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Cindy was a referral from my friend when I first used her service back in 1993. Since then, Cindy helped me with every single transaction of buying and selling of my houses. She has helped me with at least 9 transactions through out all these years!! I have to say that our relationship was built on a very strong “trust” foundation. Cindy is very professional in dealing with business. She is always well prepared before she has meetings with me. She works hard on doing her homework, analysis and research before presenting any options. If she doesn’t know the answers, she will go find out and remember to get back to me. On the personal side, Cindy is a very caring person. She listens and cares about my needs. And the most important thing is: she respects my final decision and gives me valuable advice. I love to work with people who is highly responsible and trustworthy. I am so glad that I’ve met this person – thank you Cindy!!

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Do you know how annoing are the phone calls to your house? I inmmediately get a bad attidud. Well one day I received a phone call from David Crisp, in a few seconds I decided to listen to what he had to say, I asked a few questions and even so the Propierty that I had in mind would be a dificult to sell he said ” I could help you” from that day on, I believe that I made a good choice with David, he helped me with everything I needed to get out of a bad situation, he was very efficient and professional, later on I meat Cindy and she was just as helpful as David, I am really lucky to have them as Realtors, Cindy took the task to help me with another dificult situation to sell a house in Oakland, she was so good with the papperwork and the laws of evicting, sewer inspetions, and also took me under her wing to help me to get the best deal possible, very honest and always told me the truth, that is what I admire most from David and Cindy. I highly recommend them.

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Since I had never sold a home before, their guidance was truly a blessing. They really know what they are doing. Having taken their advice in cleaning up this rental, I was really please with the outcome. I would recommend them to anyone buying or selling.

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Cindy Chan & David Chrisp are professional, friendly, and easy to deal with. This was our first time to purchase a property and their advice helped a lot in the process. They were always willing to answer our questions in a timely manner and were able to provide many insights into the properties we were interested in. Even after the deal was closed, they helped us starting all the necessary services and provided referrals for house cleaning/repairs. Truly amazing agents. It was quite pleasant to work with them. I would strongly recommend them to all my friends.

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Cindy and David are wonderful to work with. They are very responsive and accessible. We wanted to see the property one more time before closing and they were able to meet with us on short notice. It is very helpful that David was able to point out home repair and other items that we should be aware of so we can plan ahead for our remodel budget. The same level of responsiveness extends past the transaction period. They were there to help when we had a few questions about the home 3 months after the purchase.

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Cindy and David helped us find the exact house that we wanted. Their services are very professional. As first home buyers, they answered any question as soon as they can. They helped us make a deal less than what we originally offered. This is just amazing! Cindy and David also helped us go through every process till we got the keys. They suggested us compare mortgage options to get the best deal for us, negotiate with sellers to fix things after we got the contract even without contingency, and suggest professional inspectors and roofers extra. Cindy and David also introduce future neighbors to us. We would highly recommend them.

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Cindy and David are very professional and go out of their way for their clients. We were so pleased with their abundance of knowledge and their expertise, that we plan to use them again for our next home purchase! I’ve even referred them to my family and my friends who have worked with them in selling their homes.

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Cindy and David helped my family sell our house when the market wasn’t a sellers market. They answered all our questions and had compassion for us since this was a hard sell for us. They handled everything professionally and everything went smoothly from start to finish. I recommended them to my Aunt!

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Cindy and David are truly 5 star. They gave us excellent advise in regards to prepping our home for sale, marketing and pricing. We received multiple offers after the first weekend on the market. Our home sold well above asking. David and Cindy’s hard work and expertise made the process of selling our home go smoothly from start to finish. We cannot thank them enough and highly recommend for the sale of your home.

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Cindy is knowledgeable, with many years of experience in real estate. She provided excellent advice and guidance. I received multiple offers for my rental property and the townhouse was sold in 8 days at a price I wanted. I would strongly recommend her.

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